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Topic subjectno. I told you to watch other sports to enjoy their model.
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2740547, no. I told you to watch other sports to enjoy their model.
Posted by 3xKrazy, Thu Jun-17-21 02:15 PM
>simply because I don’t like the current model.
>just showing you how ridiculous it is to tell people to stop
>watching if they don’t like the current format.

and enjoy cfb for what it is and has always been. and what has made it so immensely popular.

I never said you had to stop watching cfb. you can do whatever the hell you want, i don't really care. but your reasoning that cfb has to change their postseason system because "other sports do it like this" is pretty illogical. but that's an underlying theme with all of your responses.

>lmao @ “on twitter”
>fuck twitter

and fuck every single person in this thread?

you stated that this move was being considered because it's what the majority of people want. yet you have provided absolutely nothing to back up that claim. you can't even get one(!) person in this thread to agree with you. anyone with half a brain can see that this is strictly a money grab for universities and corporations.