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Topic subjectmy off the top list of bigger issues plaguing cfb
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2740011, my off the top list of bigger issues plaguing cfb
Posted by 3xKrazy, Sat Jun-12-21 06:25 PM
granted, I don't necessarily have solutions to some of these problems...

-sexual assault coverups (pls stop)

-neutral site games in NFL stadiums (this isn't what cfb is about)

-4+ hour games due to tv timeouts, excessive penalty reviews

-dwindling attendance and worsening fan experience (in part because of game length, corporitzation of stadium experience, never ending booth reviews, weak opponent scheduling)

-espn/sec stranglehold on the sport. CFB should be promoted - not any one particular conference. the propaganda machine isn't good for the sport.

-preseason/early season polls which serve no purpose other than to create bias

-scheduling FCS opponents

-SEC scheduling FCS opponents in november

-player ejections and excessive booth reviews for making football plays. these ejections are influencing the outcome of games and that shouldn't be the case. at least we got rid of the perp walk.

-poor officiating

-coaches bailing on teams prior to bowl season

-players bailing on bowl games

-dominance by the big 3. I really don't know how to fix this. clemson has next to no shot at losing a conference game. And OSU isn't that far behind with their level of B1G dominance. it's boring af.

-new transfer rules: I'm all for increasing players rights but I'm concerned that small schools will become feeder schools for the big programs and thus further widening balance of power

-lack of governing body to ensure that rules and scheduling are equal across all conferences

-ND: join a conference already

-Fox scheduling the best B1G game each week at noon. Sucks for OSU but really sucks for Oregon this year when they travel across the country for what will be the equivalent of a 9am start for. Everyone loses with this format and a top 10 team like oregon deserves better.

-New Year's Eve playoff games

-CFB playoff committee: They're corporate buffoons. Get rid of them.

-Lack of transparency during playoff selection process. We're deciding college football bowl matchups. Not breaking down highly classified military intelligence. Enough with the closed door nonsense.

-New OT format (while fun) is devolving into something that doesn't resemble football