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Topic subjectRE: On the actual expansion, 12 teams makes no sense at all
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2740001, RE: On the actual expansion, 12 teams makes no sense at all
Posted by 3xKrazy, Sat Jun-12-21 03:21 PM

>For all the talk about how down the Pac 12 is, outside of
>Clemson, the ACC isn’t very good. FSU and Miami are both
>down, who is the second best team in the ACC deserving of a
>spot? UNC?


And this is something else I was going to bring up. Clemson opens with UGA on a neutral. If Clemson loses and then runs the table...is Clemson an automatic top 4? Their schedule is absolutely horrendous. And they miss miami and UNC in their crossover games.

>This basically guarantees we get to see Notre Dame every year
>in the playoffs. They will probably be a 4-6 range seed and
>get to play the MWC champ and actually win a playoff game
>before getting their ass beat by OSU or Bama or Clemson.

Good point. It gets ND a playoff win but we arrive at the same destination as before. All we're doing is watering the process down and devaluing the regular season.

>This also guarantees Oklahoma and 3 loss Texas team probably
>gets a spot each year.

Right. Which will make their regular season matchup and subsequent conf championship matchup even less significant.