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Topic subjectTeam Saunders all day. I ride w the Gypsies
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2736761, Team Saunders all day. I ride w the Gypsies
Posted by guru0509, Sat May-08-21 01:54 PM
>People seem to think BJS has a chance due to the excellent
>footwork (excessive movement) he showed against David Lemeiux.
>They're saying it'll make a difference because of the trouble
>he had with Mayweather's movement and Erislandy Lara's
>southpaw stance (BJS is also southpaw).
>Thing is, Canelo has vastly improved since his fight with
>Lara. Both Mayweather and Lara are better than BJS. Don't get
>me wrong, Billy Joe is good, but hell I had Demetrius Andrade
>beating him before Billy test positve for a banned substance.
>Billy, always the asshole, has been nothing less in the
>buildup to the fight. He e told a Mexican reporther "you're
>breath smells like shit" at one of the pressers. Eddy Reynoso
>(Canelo's trainer) has said he usually just wants to win the
>fight, but he really hopes Canelo KO's Billy. I think Canelo
>is pretty pissed too.
>Ring walks should be around 11pm EST.
>Broadcast starts at 8.