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Topic subjectThis team would be fine without Kyrie.
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2736683, This team would be fine without Kyrie.
Posted by guru0509, Thu May-06-21 10:39 PM
>That’s not what I’m saying. It’s KD. Best in the
>Put it like this. If Kyrie and Harden were both out,
>he wouldn’t be able to lead Brooklyn like they can with him
>KD isn’t going to make sure that Shamet, Green, Harris
>or Brown get shots.
>Kyrie and Harden will. They both, this year, have turned into
> facilitators after being labeled ball hogs for the majority
>of their careers.
>KD will get his 30 on 50 pct shooting. No doubt. But he
>ain’t going to
>have double digit assists to go along with that like Kyrie or
>Harden will.
>That’s the difference with their losses...Since KD has been
>back, shamet,
>Brown, green have faded to the back.