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Topic subjectYeah They were.
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2736622, Yeah They were.
Posted by allStah, Wed May-05-21 09:01 PM
Kyrie was killing. People are bugging.

The problem is actually KD. He isn’t a facilitator, so without harden to balance things
out, or with just Kyrie and KD there are too many isolations

Kyrie and Harden are guards ..KD isn’t.

Harden without KD or Kyrie can get wins
Kyrie without harden and KD can get Ws
Kyrie and Harden can get mad Ws.

But when it’s just KD with just one of the other guards, there
are too many iSOs, and others not getting the ball.

Kyrie and Harden get others involved...KD doesn’t because he isn’t a guard.

Elite, efficient score, but getting others involved isn’t his thing. So when one of the
guards is out for the game , and he is out there by himself with the second unit,
while Kyrie or Harden ( depending on which one is out) is subbed out, the offense
just goes through him.

Kyrie-shamet-Harris-Green-Jordan ...were killing cats before KD came back. And
Brown came off the bench as the scorer.