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Topic subjectYou’re making the same types of excuses that were made
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2736494, You’re making the same types of excuses that were made
Posted by allStah, Tue May-04-21 12:54 PM
when gar/pax made shit moves.

Prior to the trades we were sitting nicely in a play-in spot, but since the trade
we have fallen out of that spot. And the playing like crap since the trade
happened before Zach got quarantined. Bulls actually started playing a little
better once he got shelved.

It’s okay to say that the FO has made some terrible moves.

Everyone was screaming about how the Vuecvic trade was going to push our
playoff run. I told you then it was a shit trade, and I’m still saying it.

The FO made a dumb frantic move, and the Magic are
laughing their asses off.

And you’re still saying that we are much better team when the numbers say that
you are wrong.

Maybe it comes to fruition later down the road, who knows.
But to give up those picks and young players for a player who is a
HUGE negative on defense say it is one of the worst moves in Bulls history.

Getting rid of Jimmy wasn’t all that bad because Jimmy was a locker room
cancer, even Rondo said that about Jimmy’s behavior and statements.
And at least the Bulls brought in young players, and not some aging bum
ass center who walks opposing players to the basket.