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Topic subjectHow on earth is this team improved?
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2736480, How on earth is this team improved?
Posted by allStah, Tue May-04-21 09:22 AM
This team has gotten worst since the trade, while the Magic have gotten better!

The Magic were licking their chops when they saw the Bulls coming,
and sold them a lemon. No one else in the league was/is interested in Vuecvic.
The Bulls were competing for a play in game before he came. I wasn’t the
biggest fan of Wendell Carter, but he played some defense. Daniel Gafford is
balling in Washington. I mean balling.

The previous management didn’t let Shaq Harrison go, who is balling
in Denver

The previous management didn’t let Dunn go.

The previous management didn’t trade Carter and Gafford, who
have improved their teams.

And all those players were picked from the previous management.

However, this ain’t about the previous management. They are gone.
This is about the current management and how they made a move
that could leave this team in a bad state for years to come.

This management has yet to do anything to separate itself from the previous
management. I don’t see a difference. Other than bringing in Donovan, most
of the moves have been shit. And Patrick Williams has regressed,
but he is rookie. I do like him, but he has been playing like crap since
the trade.

We focking traded Gafford/Hutchinson/Carter for a 30 year old defensive
bum ass center who can’t move his feet or guard a fly.
That’s improving the team?

I count 5 shit ass moves by this organization that could possibly kill this team
moving forward.

However, the verdict is still out. I’m a Bulls fan through thick or thin. So I will
be here. This year, however, the grade is a F.