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Posted by LeroyBumpkin, Tue May-04-21 02:01 AM
>The focus should have been on truly developing and building
>the team. That is where the focus should have been, and not
>making a rash decision to bring in a center who gives you
>nothing defensively, as well as that decision handcuffing the
>team from making FA moves in future.

Karnisovas didn't trade Jimmy Butler for Markkanan and LaVine.
Karnisovas didn't draft Coby White and Wendell.
They inherited these players and after a season
of evaluating the roster, they're realizing this roster was poorly
constructed from the beginning.

Markannan is done. No way they extend him. Theis is playing over him.
White is still young and I'm kinda hoping we keep him.
Thad is a great vet, but he's not part of the core.
Same for Temple.

Much of this team could be gone this offseason.

>The Vuecvic trade could really set this rebuild back.

Because of an unknown, 19 year old picked at #7?!

He is
>owed 24 million
>next season and 22 million after that. So he will be on the
>books for 46 mil
>for the next 2 seasons.

John Salmons and Brad Miller? Remember Them? That was the last time the Bulls made a trade at the deadline to improve the team.
I don't know what your stance was during the Paxon/Forman years,
but fans have been clamoring for a more creative front office for a decade.
Now we have one that actually improved the team via trade, and some of
those same fans are crying about losing the 7th pick in the draft.