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Topic subjectLol I’m just bracing myself.
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2736447, Lol I’m just bracing myself.
Posted by guru0509, Mon May-03-21 06:30 PM
Personally I wish we kept Dangelo and kept building

I got a few dirty looks from Nets players when I’d occasionally boo Kyrie and scream to bring DLO back lol

I’m just saying this offense looks way different when Harden running the show

Tbh he’s forced me to eat a lot of crow . I hated how he played in Houston , I hardly watched the rockets bc of him but his transformation in Bk was remarkable . I don’t know if he was ever close to Jokic but I remember hearing some MVP discussion around him

>I’m not fan police guy. You’re a Brooklyn fan, by all
>means say we. I just broke down Dallas’ draft picks by
>declaring we got the best defensive player in the draft, lol.