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Topic subjectSeems like a few things.
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2736420, Seems like a few things.
Posted by Ryan M, Mon May-03-21 11:55 AM
Obviously - the injuries are tough to understate.

The 71 day offseason certainly doesn't help - and it's not exactly the same, but 3/4 of the conference finalists are underperforming this year.

Vogel's fucking up with the minutes he's playing Marc. His rotations in the bubble last year left a lot to be desired, so I don't want to count him out here - but that was with a veteran-filled, hungry, healthy team. Not so much this one.

Championship fatigue is real.

And of course - Bron and AD playing the "we're not worried" game a bit too much.

Doesn't seem likely we're repeating, and boy does this team miss Dwight and Rondo, but whatever...get to the playoffs and see. If they flop - last year was cool. If not - great.