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Topic subjectI disagree. It doesn’t mean those guys aren’t franchise QBs.
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2736273, I disagree. It doesn’t mean those guys aren’t franchise QBs.
Posted by allStah, Thu Apr-29-21 10:00 PM
It just means that the NFL lacks patience. Geoff took the Rams to the SB and POs.

It appears that QBs are now given only 1-2 years to lead a team to the POs. That’s crazy.

Philly won a SB a few years ago, and neither wentz or Foles is still there.
Trubisky took the bears to 2 POs in the past 3 years, and won the last three
games of the regular season last season.

If this were the 80s or the 90s, those QBs would still be with their original teams.
They would have been given time to develop.

Sam Darnold was basically given one focking year in New York, and they went
and drafted another QB today. It seems like they do that every other year.

Had Prescott not broken his ankle, Dallas would have moved on from him. That
situation actually gave him more time in Dallas, and boom he gets a big contract.
Had Dalton performed at a high level, Prescott would have been history.

The NFL has turned into a draft and dump league