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Topic subjectHe’s a wildcard for sure. I’m very confident he’ll be an impact player.
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2736228, He’s a wildcard for sure. I’m very confident he’ll be an impact player.
Posted by Mignight Maruder, Thu Apr-29-21 06:08 PM
His athleticism and strength is through the roof. His ability to blitz and cover is tantalizing. He’s pretty instinctive but can be undisciplined at times. I’ve watched him since his Harrisburg High days (like Shady before him) where he was a DE/RB. He was scary good. I think he has all the potential to develop his coverage skills with his length and speed.

I’m not really sure what to make of the character thing. That’s a tough one. I do know he encountered some racism - which is very strong in south central PA - which was connected to him transferring high schools. The overwhelmingly white collective group of high school football coaches had a hissy fit and that led to in-season transfer rule changes. The whole rule change was extremely hypocritical and heavily influenced by racism.

I’d like to believe he knows what’s at stake and has matured, but he kinda comes across as a slightly more polished (and much more athletic) Vontaze Burfinct - just a guy who wants to absolutely destroy his opponents. He’ll probably rub some of teammates the wrong way, but he’ll able to earn their respect if he plays at high level.