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Topic subjectEagles 1st rd wishlist: Smith, Waddle, Surtain, or Horn.
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2736216, Eagles 1st rd wishlist: Smith, Waddle, Surtain, or Horn.
Posted by Mignight Maruder, Thu Apr-29-21 03:41 PM
Would be ecstatic with Pitts or Chase.

Would definitely be okay with Penei Sewell or Slater. I’d be really underwhelmed if it’s Alijah Vera-Tucker.

Don’t think any DL is worth pick 12. Maybe Kwity Paye, but that would be kinda underwhelming. I’d be okay with Micah Parsons. I think he will be a monster. Just not sure the Eagles would draft him since we’ve never really valued LBs.

Pretty excited overall for this draft. I guess that tends to happen when your team is coming off a disastrous season.