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2736194, 2021 NFL Draft Post
Posted by Dstl1, Thu Apr-29-21 01:00 PM
The draft starts at number three. Niners take Mac Jones...can the Falcons resist both Lance and Fields, at 4? Nines take Lance...do the Falcons go with Fields or grab Pitts? Who makes a move to get in to single digits to get a QB? They are saying Fields’ floor is 8...that’d be Carolina. Does Bill B. make a move to get down there? This draft has a lot of exciting players at a lot of different positions. I don’t expect Dallas to make some spectacular deal that would get us Pitts, so let’s please get the cornerback and not overthink it. Should be fun.
2736195, what if...Zach Wilson isn't good
Posted by will_5198, Thu Apr-29-21 01:05 PM
I have heard more needling of every other QB --- including Trevor Lawrence -- than him

nobody is even questioning if the Jets are making the right pick
2736196, Bomani mentioned that on his pod from Friday...
Posted by Dstl1, Thu Apr-29-21 01:19 PM
with Dominique. When have we ever trusted, so strongly, that the Jets we’re doing the right thing? Everyone just accepted that’s their guy and never discuss it, anymore.
2736197, This has jets bust written all over it
Posted by 3xKrazy, Thu Apr-29-21 01:35 PM
This whole draft is weird af
2736200, its cause nobody actually wants the Jets to take any of these kids
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Thu Apr-29-21 02:01 PM
whoever they draft is fucked. if they are locked in on Wilson, lets move on lol.
2736198, Saints trying to get into the top 10, but not for a QB....
Posted by Dstl1, Thu Apr-29-21 01:43 PM
Joe Horn’s son, maybe?
2736199, Maybe Kyle Pitts if Falcons inexplicably pass on him.
Posted by dillinjah, Thu Apr-29-21 01:46 PM
2736201, AR: "A'ight imma head out..."
Posted by ThaTruth, Thu Apr-29-21 02:29 PM
2736202, hmm, maybe there is something to that niners rumor
Posted by dillinjah, Thu Apr-29-21 02:31 PM
2736203, “NFL off-season...is just like NBA off-season....yeah, y’all”
Posted by Dstl1, Thu Apr-29-21 02:35 PM
2736205, he should have beat Tampa Bay at home
Posted by will_5198, Thu Apr-29-21 02:46 PM
2736211, Yep. I’m not gonna say he’s a choke artist, but he never seems to
Posted by Mignight Maruder, Thu Apr-29-21 03:28 PM
be able to elevate his game in the post season. He’s easily one of the most gifted regular season QBs of all time, but doesn’t live up to the hype in postseason. To make matters worse, he always quick to cite the lack of talent around him when things don’t work out as planned. Dude had 2 solid chances to run the ball in for a TD against the Bucs and nutted up. He’s annoying.

2736285, You'd almost think he didn't have one of the best receivers in the league
Posted by Sofian_Hadi, Fri Apr-30-21 06:35 AM
And a top ten running back. The way he always complains and cries and its always leaked. Dude is super annoying
2736214, its like this fuck adopted all of Favres traits
Posted by legsdiamond, Thu Apr-29-21 03:39 PM
2736295, sounds like GB isn’t going to trade him
Posted by legsdiamond, Fri Apr-30-21 08:41 AM
makes me wonder if this was trade day bait.
2736212, The Chase/Waddle/Smith and QB debate will great for years to come.
Posted by Mignight Maruder, Thu Apr-29-21 03:36 PM
I think Chase is the most polished, but can easily see all 3 being great. Of course, there always seems to be WR busts, so nothing is for certain.

Outside of those 3, I really like Rashad Bateman and the Eskridge guy out of Western Michigan.

I can’t call the QBs, but definitely think some team will regret choosing (any QB but TL) over Fields.
2736215, Tebow reportedly tried out at TE for jax... at 33 years of age
Posted by legsdiamond, Thu Apr-29-21 03:41 PM
nigga what?

just join WWE and live that life dude..

its like his agent keeps peppering him with bad ideas...

try dis Timmy! try dat Timmy! Jesus got you

2736217, urban looking kinda senile at this point
Posted by 3xKrazy, Thu Apr-29-21 03:46 PM
2736216, Eagles 1st rd wishlist: Smith, Waddle, Surtain, or Horn.
Posted by Mignight Maruder, Thu Apr-29-21 03:41 PM
Would be ecstatic with Pitts or Chase.

Would definitely be okay with Penei Sewell or Slater. I’d be really underwhelmed if it’s Alijah Vera-Tucker.

Don’t think any DL is worth pick 12. Maybe Kwity Paye, but that would be kinda underwhelming. I’d be okay with Micah Parsons. I think he will be a monster. Just not sure the Eagles would draft him since we’ve never really valued LBs.

Pretty excited overall for this draft. I guess that tends to happen when your team is coming off a disastrous season.

2736224, Parsons scares me, seems like he could be not well-adjusted
Posted by will_5198, Thu Apr-29-21 04:43 PM
he basically gave the whole "among us, who hasn't faked ejaculated on a teammate in a hazing ritual?" speech to explain his off the field mistakes
2736228, He’s a wildcard for sure. I’m very confident he’ll be an impact player.
Posted by Mignight Maruder, Thu Apr-29-21 06:08 PM
His athleticism and strength is through the roof. His ability to blitz and cover is tantalizing. He’s pretty instinctive but can be undisciplined at times. I’ve watched him since his Harrisburg High days (like Shady before him) where he was a DE/RB. He was scary good. I think he has all the potential to develop his coverage skills with his length and speed.

I’m not really sure what to make of the character thing. That’s a tough one. I do know he encountered some racism - which is very strong in south central PA - which was connected to him transferring high schools. The overwhelmingly white collective group of high school football coaches had a hissy fit and that led to in-season transfer rule changes. The whole rule change was extremely hypocritical and heavily influenced by racism.

I’d like to believe he knows what’s at stake and has matured, but he kinda comes across as a slightly more polished (and much more athletic) Vontaze Burfinct - just a guy who wants to absolutely destroy his opponents. He’ll probably rub some of teammates the wrong way, but he’ll able to earn their respect if he plays at high level.
2736222, Good Luck to all.
Posted by allStah, Thu Apr-29-21 04:13 PM
I’m looking forward to the bears snagging another gem in the
later rounds. Last year, we got Mooney.

While the media continue to sensationalize Trubisky not turning into an elite
QB, and vehemently bashing the coach and the GM, the FO has made some
quality picks throughout the past few years.

The focus should be on an OL, QB, WR, and another corner if a solid one is available.

Let’s go.

2736223, Niners, Raiders, Broncos...
Posted by Dstl1, Thu Apr-29-21 04:20 PM
2736225, lol.
Posted by CyrenYoung, Thu Apr-29-21 04:45 PM

*skatin' the rings of saturn*

..and miles to go before i sleep...
2736226, unimpeachable source (c) Mike Florio
Posted by will_5198, Thu Apr-29-21 04:46 PM
2736229, kiper trying his best to get the term 'receiving entity' to catch on.
Posted by Reeq, Thu Apr-29-21 06:29 PM
2736238, Kipe dawg, legend.
Posted by Beezo, Thu Apr-29-21 07:04 PM
2736230, fuck you espn for having those kids butcher the Black National Anthem
Posted by legsdiamond, Thu Apr-29-21 06:37 PM
of all the kids in Cleveland you chose those non singing ass kids?

2736231, that was painful.
Posted by Reeq, Thu Apr-29-21 06:37 PM
2736232, jesus the national anthem wasnt much better.
Posted by Reeq, Thu Apr-29-21 06:39 PM
2736233, Right lol
Posted by ThaTruth, Thu Apr-29-21 06:40 PM
2736234, I guess Jay-Z not taking credit for that lol
Posted by ThaTruth, Thu Apr-29-21 06:41 PM
2736236, lol
Posted by Reeq, Thu Apr-29-21 06:43 PM
2736235, why is espn live broadcast quality so horrible now?
Posted by Reeq, Thu Apr-29-21 06:42 PM
hot mics, miscues, people coughing/breathing loud af while other people are talking, etc.

its the only network where this is such a regular thing that you just expect it.

they dont even do that shit on amateur podcasts.
2736239, lol@Goodell getting boo’d
Posted by ThaTruth, Thu Apr-29-21 07:13 PM
2736241, Highlight of the draft every year.
Posted by Beezo, Thu Apr-29-21 07:24 PM
2736240, Take a drink whenever you hear an overused cliche...
Posted by Dstl1, Thu Apr-29-21 07:22 PM
we already got a “checks all the boxes”
2736242, He looks like a stylish Great Dane
Posted by Dstl1, Thu Apr-29-21 07:30 PM
2736243, Now, it gets interesting, fellas
Posted by Dstl1, Thu Apr-29-21 07:40 PM
2736244, Zach does Queens.
Posted by allStah, Thu Apr-29-21 07:42 PM
Will he be the answer for the Jets? We shall see.
2736314, It was annoying them comparing him to Mahomes
Posted by The Real, Fri Apr-30-21 01:25 PM

2736245, dont really get taking Lance and not Fields but alright
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Thu Apr-29-21 07:44 PM
2736246, Trey Lance makes sense hopefully he gets to sit behind Jimmy G...
Posted by ThaTruth, Thu Apr-29-21 07:45 PM
for a year
2736247, Trey Lance to the 49iners?
Posted by allStah, Thu Apr-29-21 07:46 PM
This makes no sense. He doesn’t have the experience. So he is
a project QB

History has proven that college QBs with less than 30 starts struggle
in the NFL. He has to sit and learn for about 2 years.

There has to be something else in the works. No way they are rolling
with Jimmy next season or Jimmy being a teacher for Trey.

2736248, Pitts seems like a cool kid...he was on LeBatard, today...
Posted by Dstl1, Thu Apr-29-21 07:52 PM
said he didn’t go to Bama cuz he’s a city kid and he thought it was too country...then he got to Gainesville, lol. Julio and Pitts? R.I.P. NFC South secondaries.
2736249, Carolina is foolish if they don’t take fields
Posted by dillinjah, Thu Apr-29-21 08:06 PM
2736250, Carolina really gonna get Fields, huh?
Posted by Dstl1, Thu Apr-29-21 08:08 PM
2736251, Panthers w/ the worst pick so far.
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Thu Apr-29-21 08:24 PM
2736252, What the fuck are we about to do?????
Posted by Dstl1, Thu Apr-29-21 08:26 PM
2736253, Trade back? Parsons to replace Sean Lee? I’m nervous.
Posted by Dstl1, Thu Apr-29-21 08:29 PM
2736254, Traded the 10th to Philly for 12th and 84th
Posted by Dstl1, Thu Apr-29-21 08:33 PM
2736260, Gotta be Parsons at 12
Posted by Dstl1, Thu Apr-29-21 08:46 PM
2736265, perfect fit for the Cowboys
Posted by will_5198, Thu Apr-29-21 09:35 PM
supremely talented character risk
2736427, how do you think they did overall?
Posted by mista k5, Mon May-03-21 12:53 PM
its kind of weird, leading up to the draft i was very annoyed by any speculation. almost to the point of questioning why people care so much. come wednesday last week i kept checking for news on it lol

seems a lot of fans are mad the cowboys JUST missed out on some players but it seems theres good potential for the picks they did make.
2736431, I thought we did damn good…
Posted by Dstl1, Mon May-03-21 01:57 PM
the only speculation I had really heard was if we would pull something off to move up and get Kyle Pitts, which…who would be mad at that? So, the conventional wisdom was Patrick Surtain at 10…but, then they trade back to 12 and add 84. To grab who most draft guys I heard, considered the best defensive player in the entire draft, at 12, was amazing. We still got a good corner at 44, a DL at 75 and an edge rusher with the 84th pick from the Eagles trade. They added some LB depth, another corner and a WR.
2736255, aaron rodgers to denver?
Posted by Reeq, Thu Apr-29-21 08:38 PM
2736256, Bears trade up to 11 from the 20 (w/ NYG)
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Thu Apr-29-21 08:39 PM
2736257, Bears about to get Justin Fields, wow
Posted by Dstl1, Thu Apr-29-21 08:40 PM
2736258, damn. well maybe he can break their history of bad QBs
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Thu Apr-29-21 08:45 PM
2736324, RE: damn. well maybe he can break their history of bad QBs
Posted by COOLEHMAGAZINE, Fri Apr-30-21 04:52 PM
Would be nice but probably not.

2736259, So, NE can sit tight at 15 and get Mac Jones
Posted by Dstl1, Thu Apr-29-21 08:46 PM
2736261, Is this guy Justin Fields good? Like legit good?
Posted by RandomFact, Thu Apr-29-21 08:58 PM
ESPN seems to think the Bears did a good job, which is rare.

I know nothing when it comes to college football but I have heard about this guy talked about on ESPN. Can’t say I’ve paid attention to what was said about him though.
2736262, Mac Jones smiling on the phone must be talking to Belicheat
Posted by ThaTruth, Thu Apr-29-21 09:11 PM
2736263, does hip-hop get credit for popularizing the male dap-hug?
Posted by ThaTruth, Thu Apr-29-21 09:18 PM
2736266, We all know Justin Fields extremely well.
Posted by allStah, Thu Apr-29-21 09:36 PM
We know he is tough, can run, and he can throw.
However, the phat elephant in the room is that he is from
Ohio State. The history of ohio state QBs being bad in the
NFL is just as bad as the Bears’ QB history.

This draft is similar to what the bears did when they picked Trubisky.
Trubisky was listed as the top QB in the draft by most scouts. Bears
traded up to get him, but in the long run it didn’t work out.

Do two wrongs make a right? We shall see.

2736289, The "Ohio State" doesn't produce good QB argument
Posted by The Real, Fri Apr-30-21 07:39 AM
Is kind of overblown. Name a school that is traditionally known for producing good to great QBs. I'd argue that there are not any and that QB is just one of those positions that's hard to judge.

2736292, Right, if Fields had stayed at Georgia and had similar success would...
Posted by ThaTruth, Fri Apr-30-21 08:17 AM
people be saying that? Off the top of my head outside of Matthew Stafford Georgia QB's haven't exactly lit it up either.

Most people didn't even know Mitchell Tribusky's name before that draft. I almost feel like Trey Lance is more similar to him.
2736299, It's an illogical thought process
Posted by 3xKrazy, Fri Apr-30-21 09:29 AM
and if you applied that thought process to sports betting you'd lose really really badly (gambler's fallacy).

OSU didnt even start recruiting pro style qb's until Day was hired (Burrow, Haskins).

Prior to that, who were all these nfl busts? Joe Germaine? None of these guys were drafted high or supposed to be NFL players. They've had 3 coaches and 3 uniquely different systems over the past 2 decades. Not sure what craig krenzel or Terrell pyror in a Tressel offense has to do with justin fields coming from a ryan day offense in 2021.

it's not even close to say, USC, who has been running the same system with the same style qb for decades...all of whom were top 10 busts with the lone exception of palmer.

even despite that, there's no reason why USC couldn't produce a great NFL quarterback in the next cycle (after slovis of course). but the trend is way more significant.

Day now has 5-star pro style qb's lining up to play for him which will bring about a true sample size of how his qb's translate to the NFL.
2736267, fantastic stuff
Posted by will_5198, Thu Apr-29-21 09:37 PM
Fields dropping and the Bears swooping up to get him after the 2017 fiasco

it's going to be really interesting where Denver, Detroit and Carolina are, quarterback-wise, in three years
2736268, also:
Posted by will_5198, Thu Apr-29-21 09:45 PM
I always write this, but you either have a quarterback in the top third of the NFL (elite or franchise) or you have a place-holder

so a GM and HC must really not think Fields is good at all to pass him over and put all their chips in on:

Jared Goff -- paid by his former team to go away
Sam Darnold -- damaged goods at best, and verging on outright bust
Drew Lock -- a-never-will-be
Teddy Bridgewater -- the QB of your team in-between QBs

an offensive lineman or cornerback is not going to be worth much in 2023 if you passed on a franchise QB for the above guys
2736273, I disagree. It doesn’t mean those guys aren’t franchise QBs.
Posted by allStah, Thu Apr-29-21 10:00 PM
It just means that the NFL lacks patience. Geoff took the Rams to the SB and POs.

It appears that QBs are now given only 1-2 years to lead a team to the POs. That’s crazy.

Philly won a SB a few years ago, and neither wentz or Foles is still there.
Trubisky took the bears to 2 POs in the past 3 years, and won the last three
games of the regular season last season.

If this were the 80s or the 90s, those QBs would still be with their original teams.
They would have been given time to develop.

Sam Darnold was basically given one focking year in New York, and they went
and drafted another QB today. It seems like they do that every other year.

Had Prescott not broken his ankle, Dallas would have moved on from him. That
situation actually gave him more time in Dallas, and boom he gets a big contract.
Had Dalton performed at a high level, Prescott would have been history.

The NFL has turned into a draft and dump league

2736269, I think the Bengals should have went with Sewell
Posted by will_5198, Thu Apr-29-21 09:48 PM
that guy just has rare movement for his size, and played like a senior when he was 19

Jonah Williams cannot stay healthy and while I do like Chase, I do not like the value of receivers in the top five
2736271, I’m astonished they didn’t take Sewell...
Posted by Dstl1, Thu Apr-29-21 09:55 PM
I get the Burrow/Chase connection, but he can’t throw from the hospital.
2736270, Lord, of course the Colts take Paye
Posted by will_5198, Thu Apr-29-21 09:53 PM
not many good values at their pick but fock
2736272, How can a person be so, consistently wrong?
Posted by Dstl1, Thu Apr-29-21 09:59 PM
Doug Gottlieb (@GottliebShow) Tweeted:
Just remember, if the 49ers drafted Mac, they are idiots, but the Patriots are geniuses
2736274, Caleb needs to thank Jaylon Johnson for getting drafted.
Posted by allStah, Thu Apr-29-21 10:09 PM
Jaylon was hands down the best CB in the draft last season, but his stock dropped
due to him tearing his shoulder. Teams didn’t trust his health. Bears picked him up and
dude is now the number 1 CB for the team.

A lot of teams backed off Caleb because of his back injury, but that dude is
the best CB in the draft. Titans are going the bears route.

If he can get healthy that dude is going to beast. He plays nothing
but man.
2736275, Nice look for the Steelers
Posted by Dstl1, Thu Apr-29-21 10:13 PM
2736276, Honestly, I thought he was bama’s best player last year
Posted by dillinjah, Thu Apr-29-21 10:16 PM
2736278, I’m hype!!!
Posted by legsdiamond, Thu Apr-29-21 10:19 PM
2736280, Speed kills. Let’s go
Posted by Beezo, Thu Apr-29-21 10:38 PM
2736281, Baltimore is so bad at drafting WR's
Posted by blueeclipse, Thu Apr-29-21 10:52 PM
And they trend continues......good god man
2736291, LOL. Facts.
Posted by Castro, Fri Apr-30-21 08:00 AM
Its really about the fact that they don't want any dominant personalities in the locker room. Milquetoast RBs and WRs.

Hollywood is flashy, but he's no TO.

Lamar needs a dog on the outside.
2736296, you dont believe in Bateman?
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Fri Apr-30-21 09:26 AM
breh got some height on him, football speed and YAC
2736284, just couldn't believe I saw the name Patrick Surtain....II
Posted by Rjcc, Fri Apr-30-21 02:26 AM
fuck I'm old

www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
2736293, I felt the same way seeing Antoine Winfield Jr. on the Bucs last year
Posted by ThaTruth, Fri Apr-30-21 08:22 AM
2736315, Started with Christian McCaffrey for me ...nm
Posted by guru0509, Fri Apr-30-21 01:42 PM
2736287, Meyer drafting a RB in the first rd instead of an OL is confusing
Posted by Sofian_Hadi, Fri Apr-30-21 07:31 AM
Even more confusing when you consider they already have a RB who was a breakout star last year
2736288, This draft is deep at OL
Posted by legsdiamond, Fri Apr-30-21 07:36 AM
Steeler fans were screaming for OL as well.

once you get out of the top 10 picks I think you can wait until the second or even the third round to get your OT or C.

2736290, RB was the position Jags were set at. Thats the confusing part.
Posted by Sofian_Hadi, Fri Apr-30-21 07:51 AM
Steelers absolutely need a RB.
2736302, set?
Posted by ThaTruth, Fri Apr-30-21 11:33 AM
2736321, Guess i'm missing your confusion
Posted by Sofian_Hadi, Fri Apr-30-21 04:00 PM
The Jags had an undrafted RB rush for 1,000 yards and nearly 400 yards receiving for one of the worst offenses in the NFL. Of all their desperate needs RB seemed to be at the near bottom of the list.
2736304, we will see.. maybe he doesn’t think the current RB fits his offense
Posted by legsdiamond, Fri Apr-30-21 11:50 AM
2736305, called TE a 3rd down back......
Posted by Ceej, Fri Apr-30-21 11:54 AM
2736298, I'm excited to see if Urban just starts drafting
Posted by will_5198, Fri Apr-30-21 09:28 AM
based on who made the all-conference teams
2736301, Already brought in Tebow for a workout. Lmao
Posted by Sofian_Hadi, Fri Apr-30-21 10:26 AM
2736297, Penne All Day
Posted by Ceej, Fri Apr-30-21 09:26 AM
2736306, Mack Jones fell to the Patriots.
Posted by allStah, Fri Apr-30-21 12:00 PM
They didn’t have to make any moves or trade anything, so I don’t think
there will be any pressure there even if Jones doesn’t work out. Cam
will start next season and Mack will sit and learn. However, that could
get expedited if Cam gets injured (which is a high possibility). I wouldn’t
be surprised if Jones is starting by week 8

Lance-Fields-Jones are going to be connected like Trubisky-Watson-Mahomes.

If Trey doesn’t workout, San Fran is going to get scorched for passing on Fields.

If Fields doesn’t work out, Ryan Pace is going to get hammered for passing
on Jones.

Fields falling to number 11 is slightly alarming. I guess Fields’ family medical
history of epilepsy was seen as a tremendous red flag. I take all drafts with
a grain of salt, because we don’t know what these players are going to amount to.
We can only hope for the best.

Trubisky and Fields physical abilities are similar. Can run. Can throw. Strong Arm.
However, Trubisky is a dumb QB who can’t read defenses or understand complex
playbooks. Fields is a bright kid, so ,hopefully, he will be able to mentally do what Trubisky couldn’t.

With Aaron Rodgers on his way out of Green Bay, we should be able
win the division. If Aaron stays, I say we still make the POs

No worse than: 9-7, 8-8

2736307, Trey Lance was the right pick
Posted by mrhood75, Fri Apr-30-21 12:20 PM
There's some risk, but the kid has a shit ton of upside. And I think giving him a year or even two to learn isn't a bad thing. Besides, as Shanahan pointed out last night, lots of these college QBs really aren't really coming out with more than a season or two of starting experience.

Besides, as this team is constructed right now, starting Jimmy G next season is the right move. As I've said in other posts, the Niners have brought back damn near all of their free agents, some of which on one-year deals. So we're still hoping for big things next year. And putting a rookie QB front and center of all that is the wrong choice. Assuming Jimmy G is healthy (not guaranteed, of course) no reason they won't be in the mix with the best of the NFC.
2736308, If you're Jimmy G what do you do? You're 29 with a SB under your belt...
Posted by ThaTruth, Fri Apr-30-21 12:25 PM
you're basically cast off and expected to train a younger guy to take your job?

Do you demand a trade? Where would he be a good fit? He's from the Chicago area so I'm sure he dreamed of playing for the Bears but with Fields there that's probably out the window. Would he be a good replacement for Ben in Pitt? Would Gruden want him in LV? Is he backup status at this point?
2736312, If I'm Jimmy G, I know I've only been healthy for one entire season
Posted by mrhood75, Fri Apr-30-21 12:50 PM
And I'd know that demanding a trade after the draft has taken place isn't a great idea.

Even before the Niners traded the number #3 pick, the talk was that this season was going to be his last with the team. The aforementioned health issues sealed that.

If I were him, I'd try and ball out this season and try to repeat 2019. That way either 1) he looks like a good bet as a free agent in 2022 or 2) if he balls out and they win the SB with him as the MVP, maybe the Niners keep around another few years while Lance does the Aaron Rodgers thing at the beginning of his GB career.
2736316, prepare to ball tf out and make myself appealing for the market
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Fri Apr-30-21 01:49 PM
2736319, ^^^This^^^ you got a 1 year audition in a good situation
Posted by GOMEZ, Fri Apr-30-21 03:41 PM
and still on a good contract (he'll make $24MM or so next year, i think). Get healthy and ball out. That's his best route to at least one more big payday.
2736320, Yup. Ball out and become good trade bait.
Posted by Sofian_Hadi, Fri Apr-30-21 03:57 PM
The last memory people have of him is a Super Bowl collapse and injury season. Not a good look. He needs a redemption season.
2736342, First-round draft pick Najee Harris holds pizza party at homeless shelter where he had lived
Posted by vik, Sat May-01-21 10:44 AM
First-round draft pick Najee Harris holds pizza party at homeless shelter where he had lived

2736345, Really good story
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Sat May-01-21 01:02 PM
Props to him
2736347, i get Ricky Williams/Arian Foster vibes off him
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Sat May-01-21 02:17 PM
not as a player but as a person. been following dude since HS and he seems like an offbeat guy that might pop up at 29 and retire and go do some other shit. very thoughtful and a magnetic personality from the interviews i've seen.

obvious an amazing player and a diff back to the two of those.
2736352, yep
Posted by will_5198, Sat May-01-21 05:20 PM
he's different in a good way, and the fact he succeeded at such a regimented program means he's not just faking it
2736348, Props to him for this.
Posted by CyrenYoung, Sat May-01-21 02:28 PM

*skatin' the rings of saturn*

..and miles to go before i sleep...
2736370, can't believe Ballard and the Colts came out of this draft
Posted by will_5198, Sun May-02-21 11:46 AM
without addressing offensive tackle after Castonzo retired. they were in prime position on their first two picks as well, so they can't complain about how the draft fell.

Paye and Odeyingbo are going to have to be really good to make up for that, especially at a position Ballard seems to have a blind spot for -- he's spent 5 picks in the top 80 on edge rushers, who have generated a grand total of 17 sacks in 4 years.
2736555, 2022 mock drafts really got JT Daneils in the 1st round??
Posted by 3xKrazy, Wed May-05-21 09:14 AM
just stop with that
2736557, You & I both know he'll be a bust. But he'll go 1st round, bet that
Posted by dillinjah, Wed May-05-21 09:59 AM
2736592, at his size and no physical measurables to speak of
Posted by 3xKrazy, Wed May-05-21 02:37 PM
I just don't see any way a team takes him in the first
2736559, they been trying to make that kid happen but he a bum.
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Wed May-05-21 10:14 AM
2736594, they've been trying since high school
Posted by 3xKrazy, Wed May-05-21 02:42 PM
his 5 star HS ranking was nuts. rated #2 after Lawrence.

he lost the job to Slovis yet he's a first round qb...strange.
2736563, does anyone have the dish on Micah Parsons "red flags" ?
Posted by Tiger Woods, Wed May-05-21 11:00 AM

there was a steady drumbeat from national and local beat guys before the draft, and the noise has kind of persisted about his character since. I know that here in DC, Rivera and Del Rio (two former linebackers who've coached guys like Kuechly and Urlacher) didn't even have him on their board because of character issues. But other than the hazing situation I don't have a sense of what those issues may be ... anyone have any intel here?
2736571, the hazing seemed enough to be a red flag
Posted by will_5198, Wed May-05-21 12:25 PM
the lawsuit alleges some WTF behavior
2736605, he had red flags coming out of high school
Posted by 3xKrazy, Wed May-05-21 03:26 PM
but never got any details about wtf those red flags were

helpful, i know.