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Topic subjectRE: Actually, I don’t think white has anything
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2736152, RE: Actually, I don’t think white has anything
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Wed Apr-28-21 12:52 PM
Thats not what Im saying. I wrote that he deserves it this year.
But in all these cases. lets assume Embiid was not injured --it'd be a much closer race and if I had money to place on the race, Id almost always take the white guy in a close race where I have to correctly guess the winner whether he deserves it or not.

>to do with it in this situation.
>He legitimately deserves it because he has been the most
>He has not missed any games. He has not had any load
>and he has continued to produce while missing Murray and
>Plus a center hasn’t won it in quite some time, so he will
>have that
>going for him.
>He hands down the MVP.