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2736359, exactly...
Posted by ThaTruth, Sun May-02-21 08:11 AM
>in a vacuum this isn't awful but the fact that he almost
>exclusively takes shots within 5 ft of the rim and misses
>about half of them is pretty damning.

most bigs that only shoot that close are usually closer to 60%

>he's a great rebounder
>though and doesn't really need to do much but rack up boards
>since there is so much scoring on LAL when they're at full
>strength. he's essentially just there to take up space at the
>5 so AD can play the 4, like dwight did last year

right at almost 10 years younger you'd think he'd be just as good as Dwight at this point but he's not. It will be interesting to see what the market is for him this off-season