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Topic subjectYeah I'm not sure if he's actually a Trumper or not. I lean towards not
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2736146, Yeah I'm not sure if he's actually a Trumper or not. I lean towards not
Posted by Hitokiri, Wed Apr-28-21 08:47 AM
because of this comment he made in the lead up to the Covington fight:

“I don’t claim to know about politics and I stay away from it, but there’s definitely a racial element in what he’s doing,” Usman said. “Make America great again? Does that mean boost the economy so we’re thriving? Or let’s stop the flow of immigrants, get the blacks out and, basically, let’s make it white again?"


Seems like he might be on of those types that thinks Trump did "some good" but wasn't okay with the entire agenda. If he truly doesn't follow politics, like he said, I could see that. There were a lot of lies and spins about the "Trump economy" that were uncritically amplified with very few being honest about what was going on. Just a whole lot of "the stock market is doing well!" As if the stock market is the economy... or even a measure of it.