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Topic subjectBob Arum was right about MMA .
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2736062, Bob Arum was right about MMA .
Posted by guru0509, Mon Apr-26-21 11:08 AM
>Him and Ali is the article states.
>The UFC is tough to fins someone truly progressive. There are
>a lot of hardcore capitalists in the mix, and "tough guys" who
>connect to the republican platform of bootstrapping it.
>Ali himself is an interesting dude to say the least.
>with more details here:
>Dude was locked up after 9/11 for forgery charges and became a
>Federal informant. made lots of money in that gig, but also
>seemed to be playing double agent. Seems like he used that
>money he made to launch his mma management career...shit is
>wild and should be a film
>>>Masvidal getting slept was great for multiple reasons. He
>>>smiling and clowing, he's a MAGA guy, he previously said
>>>doesn't hit hard at all and that "God didn't bless him with
>>>that manliness to knock another man out, so it must suck
>>>living in the world like that." That REALLY made it great
>>>watch him get blacked out.
>>President Donald Trump praises Jorge Masvidal, Kamaru Usman
>>during their attendance at campaign events
>>By Nolan King | September 25, 2020 9:15 pm
>>Colby Covington isn’t the only top UFC welterweight to
>>attend one of President Donald Trump’s campaign events.
>>With Trump making several stops Friday, UFC welterweight
>>champion Kamaru Usman and former title challenger Jorge
>>Masvidal attended separate speeches given by the president.
>>First, Trump spoke at a “Latinos For Trump” event at
>>National Golf Club in Doral, Fla. Among those in attendance
>>were Masvidal, his manager Abraham Kawa, and Masvidal’s
>>father, Jorge Sr.
>>As soon as the president took a seat in front of the
>>at his golf club, he looked for Masvidal in the crowd.
>>Masvidal was the first topic of conversation Trump brought
>>“We have some real champions here,” Trump said. “And
>>I heard, in particular, I saw a very fast knockout not so
>>ago. Where’s Jorge? Where is Jorge? I don’t want to
>>with him. Where he is? Where is he? Stand up, Jorge. Stand
>>There he is.”
>>rump praised Masvidal’s “fastest” knockout, presumably
>>his five-second knockout of Ben Askren at UFC 239 in July
>>2019. While the President was inaccurate when relaying some
>>the details, “Young Superstar” Askren self-deprecatingly
>>embraced the humor of the situation on Twitter later in the
>>“That’s the fastest knockout,” Trump said. “I
>>his (fight when) he was fighting this young superstar who
>>going to great, right? They were telling me how great he is.
>>don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings but he was
>>to be the future of the UFC but he had to go through this
>>right here but it didn’t go well (for him). Did it, Jorge?
>>What a champion you are. That was the fastest (knockout).
>>was it? About a second? Two seconds? You ran across the ring
>>and the guy was gone and that was the end of it. Did they
>>to pay you for that evening or not? Because one second…
>>that’s a good return. Great to have you, man. I’m a big
>>fan. Thanks.”
>>A few minutes later, after a few more shoutouts, Trump again
>>brought up Masvidal, who is of Cuban-American ancestry. This
>>time, he used the UFC’s only “BMF” champion in
>>promotional history as an example of the American Dream.
>>“(Hispanic Americans) champion our shared values and
>>the American dream,” Trump said. “That’s what it is.
>>This guy was a fighter on the street. He used to beat up
>>people. You know, your route is much different. Most of
>>people… I know your story… Actually, for what you do
>>it’s sort of cool. For other people, it wouldn’t be so
>>good. But he used to beat up people and somebody said,
>>on (into) the gym. Let’s see if you’re so good.’ Then
>>goes into the gym and guys who are fighting for a long time,
>>he beat the hell out of him. They said, ‘I think he’s
>>going to be a good fighter,’ and they were right. But
>>are all different stories, right?”
>>After the event, Masvidal, who has shown appreciation to the
>>president on numerous occasions, reacted to the praise.
>>Later in the day Friday, President Trump spoke at Cobb
>>Galleria in Atlanta. The event, which revolved around the
>>topic of “black economic empowerment,” lasted
>>approximately 55 minutes. Usman and manager Ali Abdelaziz
>>got their own shoutouts from the president.
>>“Does anybody like UFC?” Trump asked the crowd, while
>>standing at the podium. “I’ll tell you what. … Usman,
>>know who he is. He’s tough. That’s who he is. Kamaru
>>Usman. Where is our champ? Come on, champ. Get up. Man, oh
>>man, oh man. What a fighter you are. I don’t want to mess
>>with him. I may weigh a couple of pounds more. Do you think
>>could take you in a fight, champ? I don’t think so. He
>>‘No.’ I think you’re right, champ.
>>“I watched the fight you had a couple of months ago.
>>(You’re) an unbelievable talent – and (smart), too.
>>a combination. The muscles are important but you’ve got to
>>have the other. He actually looks really good in a suit but
>>he’s one of the few people who look better without a suit.
>>There aren’t too many of us. There aren’t too many of us
>>that can say that. Right, men? The men in this audience, eh?
>>just want to thank you, champion. Good luck. I’ll be
>>watching. You have a big fight coming up. I’ll be watching
>>and it’s a great group of people. A great group of
>>champions. Thank you very much. Thank you.”