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Topic subject3 title fights, 3 finishes. That card really came through.
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2736048, 3 title fights, 3 finishes. That card really came through.
Posted by Boogie Stimuli, Mon Apr-26-21 03:02 AM
Masvidal getting slept was great for multiple reasons. He was smiling and clowing, he's a MAGA guy, he previously said Usman doesn't hit hard at all and that "God didn't bless him with that manliness to knock another man out, so it must suck living in the world like that." That REALLY made it great to watch him get blacked out.

Namajunas just keeps doing it. That girl is something else. Can't believe she got Weili out of there in the 1st fucking round. Masterful shit.

Shevchenko made Andrade look like she didn't even belong in the same cage with her. Andrade's strength was supposed to be the one thing that made her a threat, and Shevchenko just ragdolled her for 2 rds then elbowed her head into a bloody mess. Valentina is a special fighter.