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2735954, not a good reason
Posted by Stadiq, Thu Apr-22-21 04:24 PM

Plenty of coaches(read: white coaches) have not been penalized for who is on their team.

Budenholzer wasn't penalized for having Giannis.

D'Antoni wasn't penalized for James.

Kerr?? Pop??

How far back should we go.

And CP3 isn't a serious MVP candidate and the whole "greatest leader in the nba" is some exaggerated bullshit. He's been on plenty of under-achieving teams.

Nah. Monty not winning it would be some bullshit unless something changes as the season ends.

If things stay the same as they are, its his hands down. Well it should be.

LOL at OkayPlayer picking Thibbs over Monty. Jesus.