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Topic subjectThat's all wrong.. Besides those Bulls & Wolves teams had no heart...
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2735922, That's all wrong.. Besides those Bulls & Wolves teams had no heart...
Posted by My_SP1200_Broken_Again, Thu Apr-22-21 08:12 AM
>Randle leads the league in minutes played. Most nights he is
>43 minutes, same with Bullock. Knicks have already lost one
>for the year.

Randle averaging 37.5 mpg (not 43 lol) the last 10 he only was at 43 once.. Bullock avg under 29 min this year..

>Toppin sitting on the bench not getting any minutes, and IQ
>get minutes when one of the guards is out injured (like last

Toppin not ready for big minutes (Knick fans know this)

IQ been averaging 20 mpg.. and he often plays more because he earned it.

>He does zero player development. He simply rides players into
>the ground.

Drew Hanlen and the rest of the knick staff have helped the players improve their shooting in way i've never seen before.. the entire team has turned into shooters overnight.. players who didn't shoot the 3 well are lighting it up this season.. we don't even need to talk about the defensive improvements because that's obvious.

>Enjoy the ride. We all know how it’s going to end. Hate to
>be the Debbie downer.
>But a lot of broken down bodies will be the end result.

look around the league.. bodies will drop anyway.. may as well get the most from the team.. and thibs hasn't been as demanding as he was in the past. Like i said those Bulls & Wolves teams had no heart anyway..