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Topic subjectKnicks Fans really falling for the Thibs in the tailpipe?
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2735918, Knicks Fans really falling for the Thibs in the tailpipe?
Posted by allStah, Thu Apr-22-21 01:07 AM
Same Thibs, just like it was in Chicago and Minnesota

He will put all his eggs in one basket with no true building for the future.

He will run players into the ground just for a few PO runs, and when
that runs its course the teams will be left with no future.

Randle leads the league in minutes played. Most nights he is playing
43 minutes, same with Bullock. Knicks have already lost one center
for the year.

Toppin sitting on the bench not getting any minutes, and IQ only
get minutes when one of the guards is out injured (like last night)
He does zero player development. He simply rides players into the ground.

Enjoy the ride. We all know how it’s going to end. Hate to be the Debbie downer.
But a lot of broken down bodies will be the end result.