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Topic subjectJake Paul vs Ben Askren snoop / triller fight club
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2735719, Jake Paul vs Ben Askren snoop / triller fight club
Posted by mikediggz, Sat Apr-17-21 08:17 PM
anybody got the hookup?
2735720, inbox
Posted by Oak27, Sat Apr-17-21 09:26 PM
2735721, thx homie
Posted by mikediggz, Sat Apr-17-21 09:47 PM
2735723, this isn't even a boxing card it's a fucking concert
Posted by Oak27, Sat Apr-17-21 09:56 PM
and a shitty one a that
2735728, That's how Triller does it
Posted by vik, Sat Apr-17-21 10:39 PM
They know they're not really roping in any fight fans but moreso folks interested in some music acts and celeb culture influencers getting into the ring for a second.
2735739, Didn't Teofimo just sign with them for his next fight?
Posted by Hitokiri, Sun Apr-18-21 12:32 PM
Wonder what that's gonna look like then
2735847, He did. It was also announced a couple days ago that Triller
Posted by Boogie Stimuli, Tue Apr-20-21 12:35 PM
bought FITE TV. That's pretty big. They're serious about the fight game. It'll be interesting to see what they're able to do in the future. Teo signed did the deal w/ them b/c he wasn't happy with what Top Rank was gonna pay him for his mandatory defense. He done pissed Arum off now, so who knows how his remaining time at Top Rank will play out.
2735992, Related/unrelated but I wonder what he's even doing these days
Posted by snacks, Fri Apr-23-21 07:39 PM
(he = Arum)

Between the way he's done Bud, and now with Teo, who will want to sign with him? He's only gonna have Shakur and Valdez (I think?) left
2735999, Seems to be growing more and more senile
Posted by Boogie Stimuli, Fri Apr-23-21 11:43 PM
The stuff he said about Bud promoting himself was just horrendous.
It was his stepson Todd duBoef who really fucked things up with Teofimo, although Bob backed Todd 100% and said the shit about paying Teofimo back after Teo forced the purse bid. These guy do a good job of tracking it all (first 6 minutes of the video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TsnqYLv0Crw
2735736, Askren so obviously took a dive lol
Posted by Tiger Woods, Sun Apr-18-21 09:49 AM
Who’s the target audience for this kind of show? Like the people who care about this are internet obsessed kids I assume...are they paying $50 ?
2735823, sure, but not in the way people are thinking
Posted by Kungset, Mon Apr-19-21 06:40 PM
it was more of a way to save face after realizing he probably wasn't going to win.