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Topic subjectI disagree with a lot of this.
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2735980, I disagree with a lot of this.
Posted by Frank Longo, Fri Apr-23-21 11:43 AM

>All of them want to shine and be the guy immediately.

I mean, this definitely isn't true. Your team is a great example of that. If Fatts Russell wanted to be The Guy, he'd have stayed in Rhode Island, and if Qudus Wahab wanted to be The Guy, he'd have stayed in Georgetown. Instead, they'd rather be part of a team that has a better shot to win more instead of getting higher individual stats. They're sacrificing being The Guy in hopes that they can prove they can be A Winner instead.

Nearly every mid-major who transfers to a high-major isn't going to be The Guy. Plenty of mid-majors who transfers to other mid-majors aren't going to be The Guy. There are certainly a good numbers of kids who want to be The Guy and transfer to a different situation... but think of the thousands of kids over the last few decades who came into school with big expectations, didn't transfer, and got buried on a bench. Everyone wants to say "tough it out! be a man about this!"... but for every kid we see tough it out through early struggles and become The Guy, we've seen a dozen others become Nobody. And since they aren't getting paid to be a Nobody, I don't blame a single one of them for pursuing a fresh start.

And yeah, some of them are just selfish asshole kids transferring out of entitlement. But I think it's incredibly unfair to characterize all of them that way. They're all just 19-21 year olds trying to figure out what's best for their future. If they convince themselves that there's a better opportunity elsewhere (or are lured away by a charismatic coach at a different university), I don't begrudge them that decision at all.

>it’s not coming quick enough, they’re out and this free
>COVID year made their decisions to transfer easier.

It's worth noting that this transfer market is affected not just by the free COVID year, but almost certainly by COVID itself and how it affected the season. It's a lot easier to want to stay at a university if you feel a sense of community there, build friendships, a relationship with the campus, etc... but an incredibly high number of underclassmen lost a whole year of that. That's got to make the decision to transfer way easier.

>generation of kids.

... this feels very Old Man Yells At Cloud, lol. Like, if you work at a job you hate, and someone else is offering you a more enticing job, and you change to the better job... does that make you entitled for trying to better your position? Should you have just stayed at your shitty job to try to make the best of it out of loyalty because they offered you a job in the first place? Of course not. *And these kids aren't even getting paid,* lol.

Again, I'm not saying there aren't entitled asshole kids with entitled asshole families. There are entitled assholes of all ages in this world. But we're painting the thousands of kids in the transfer portal all as entitled? Nah. I vehemently disagree with this.