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Topic subjectI more or less agree.
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2735937, I more or less agree.
Posted by Frank Longo, Thu Apr-22-21 11:15 AM
A lot of the bigger names are high-volume, low-efficiency guards and wings, looking for more minutes and/or a higher level of competition. I'm sure a few of them will crush it in a new home, as some of the better teams in the tourney this year took guys like this for a couple of years and turned them into big time players... but I doubt *most* of those type of guys lead to winning basketball.

I do think there have been some quality bigs out there, and there have definitely been a few guys who can contribute in roles, i.e. defensive specialists, 3-point specialists, etc. And I definitely think the handful of former top 50-70 recruits who disappointed in their original home are definitely guys worth taking fliers on in the portal. So there will be some system coaches and/or high level player development coaches who will find ways to turn the rush of players in the portal to their advantage. Just unclear exactly who those are yet.