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Topic subjectmost of the players in the portal suck lol.
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2735920, most of the players in the portal suck lol.
Posted by guru0509, Thu Apr-22-21 01:59 AM
ohio state just picked up two scrubs off the transfer portal bc our coach doesnt know how to recruit

>Any level. It's crazy
>>3. Its REALLY hurt the smaller school(D1,D2, Naia) with that
>>one standout player because he's BOUNCING.
>>Its the game now. Gotta play it. A LOT of the dudes in the
>>portal dont need to be in the portal. I liken it to holla'n
>>chix in the club above your level.
>>but in the end water always finds it's level. Eventually.
>See so many kids in the portal that immediately had me asking
>myself, what the hell is he transferring for??.