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2732555, ALL night
Posted by Boogie Stimuli, Mon Feb-22-21 10:48 AM
Yeah, I won't kick Berchelt too much while he's down, but I can't say I was the biggest fan. I knew Stevenson would give him work, but Valdez surprised me and everyone else. That damn Eddy Reynoso really does make elite fighters over there. Hell now I can't wait to see how Andy Ruiz returns. If this Stevenson vs Valdez fight comes off, that's going to be a very technical one. I got Stevenson as the most technical, pure boxer currently at 130 and would pick him to win against anyone who can't completely out-muscle him. That fight would either be great or so technical that it's boring to casuals... kinda like Roy Jones Jr. vs Bernard Hopkins 1 (people tend to forget that fight actually happened lol). Who would you pick?