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Topic subjectOh, and Adrien Broner returns after losing 35 lbs...
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2732457, Oh, and Adrien Broner returns after losing 35 lbs...
Posted by Boogie Stimuli, Sat Feb-20-21 09:54 AM
and changing the fight from jr Welter to Welter like he's done before.

Surely you can understand why I forgot about this one lol. He claims he's back, blah blah blah. He's taking on an undefeated Puerto Rican prospect who's never fought outside of Puerto Rico. Is Broner doesn't pull this one off, he's probably done.

Also on this card is Otto Wallin vs Dominic Breazeale. Otto Wallin gave Tyson Fury one of his toughest fights to date, but that's currently Wallin's claim to fame. Breazeale got starched by Wilder in 1 rd, but will be considered a really good win for Wallin if he pulls it off. I'm interested in seeing how Wallin performs.

Also on this card, Robert Easter Jr take on Ryan Martin. Martin's only loss was to Josh Taylor who's widely considered the best in the 140 lb division. Easter Jr. recently moved up to 140, so this should be a good one as well.