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Topic subjectDan Marino of this era?
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2730340, Dan Marino of this era?
Posted by allStah, Thu Jan-21-21 02:10 AM
You could get shot for that. Comparing Rivers to possibly the greatest QB to ever play?

When Marino retired, he broke pretty much every QB record! Today’s game exist because of him. QB stats were weak before his arrival. He was the master of the audible( before Peyton), and was his own offensive coordinator. Shula gave him complete control of the playbook.

His offense and his ability were way ahead of its time, and he had the quickest release
in Qb history, and he is possibly the most accurate passer in history. The offense you see today is what Marino and the dolphins were doing back then. Marino would throw 6000 yards in this era.

Only reason Marino never won a SB is because his defense couldn’t stop anyone.
They would lose games with scores of 37-34. And to top it off, he had no running game
to rely on.

Marino is the only QB to beat the 85 bears.