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Topic subjectphilip rivers announces retirement-
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2730282, philip rivers announces retirement-
Posted by kinetic94761180, Fri Jan-22-21 01:09 PM


hof or nah?
2730283, He is the Dan Fouts of this era
Posted by allStah, Wed Jan-20-21 11:33 AM

So ,yes, he is flying in on golden wings.
2730284, dadgummuit?
Posted by Cenario, Wed Jan-20-21 11:44 AM
2730288, Damien Woody on ESPN said he used to talk mad trash without cussing
Posted by ThaTruth, Wed Jan-20-21 01:29 PM
2730289, ah man yeah he runs his mouth constantly lol
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Wed Jan-20-21 01:33 PM

he def had a lot of fun out there
2730296, RE: philip rivers announces retirement-
Posted by COOLEHMAGAZINE, Wed Jan-20-21 03:11 PM
2730298, Nah....he ain’t even the best Jay Cutler
Posted by Dstl1, Wed Jan-20-21 03:16 PM
2730315, *dead*
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Wed Jan-20-21 09:56 PM
2730305, Hall of Fame? I think so. Definitely over Eli anyways.
Posted by dillinjah, Wed Jan-20-21 07:21 PM
I personally favor him over Big Ben as well, though I know that's controversial.
2730306, I agree...
Posted by ThaTruth, Wed Jan-20-21 08:02 PM
>I personally favor him over Big Ben as well, though I know
>that's controversial.
2730314, hell of a career
Posted by Rjcc, Wed Jan-20-21 09:54 PM

www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
2730334, Put your bullshit agendas aside for this one....
Posted by blueeclipse, Thu Jan-21-21 01:02 AM
Not everything has to be HE WHITE or any of that bullshit. The dude could ball and you could tell he left it all out there. He was one of my favorite players to watch and I'm going to miss him in the league.

Matt Stafford reminds me of this dude. Both deserved to be on better teams man.
2730336, Salute to the Bolo, he was the Dan Marino of this era
Posted by calij81, Thu Jan-21-21 01:08 AM
Both in terms of great numbers, never winning a Super Bowl and was basically a statue in the pocket and wasn’t mobile.

I believe he was a better QB and passer than both Eli and Big Ben but was tied down by poor head coaching.

Should be a HOF.
2730340, Dan Marino of this era?
Posted by allStah, Thu Jan-21-21 02:10 AM
You could get shot for that. Comparing Rivers to possibly the greatest QB to ever play?

When Marino retired, he broke pretty much every QB record! Today’s game exist because of him. QB stats were weak before his arrival. He was the master of the audible( before Peyton), and was his own offensive coordinator. Shula gave him complete control of the playbook.

His offense and his ability were way ahead of its time, and he had the quickest release
in Qb history, and he is possibly the most accurate passer in history. The offense you see today is what Marino and the dolphins were doing back then. Marino would throw 6000 yards in this era.

Only reason Marino never won a SB is because his defense couldn’t stop anyone.
They would lose games with scores of 37-34. And to top it off, he had no running game
to rely on.

Marino is the only QB to beat the 85 bears.

2730341, Both threw for a lot of yards and TDs and never won a SB
Posted by calij81, Thu Jan-21-21 03:42 AM
Both were basically statues in the pocket.
2730352, Stop
Posted by allStah, Thu Jan-21-21 10:33 AM
Marino had possible the greatest footwork in the pocket ever. He didn’t stand as a statue. He knew how to step up.

Dan Marino is 63rd on the most sacked list ...63rd!! You know who is ahead
Of him! Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson , and they played for less years ...And Cam Newton is ahead of him. Brady snd Farve are at the top of the list!

And Dan Marino played in the era of the Blitz and when QBs could get targeted. That’s how impeccable his footwork was.

So stop! Like I said don’t put Rivers in the same sentence or anybody else with Dan Marino.


2730365, Felt more like a Dan Fouts (not a knock)
Posted by GOMEZ, Thu Jan-21-21 12:05 PM
Rivers was in the elite convo a lot, like Fouts, but was never the unassailable best QB in the game status like Marino was for a number of years.

2730339, Antonio Gates should get in, so should Rivers.
Posted by Castro, Thu Jan-21-21 01:40 AM
2730342, Yeah they should both get in and go in together
Posted by calij81, Thu Jan-21-21 03:42 AM
2730363, missed a golden opportunity to name this post 'rivers finally pulls out'
Posted by kinetic94761180, Thu Jan-21-21 11:59 AM
mi malo y'all.
2730464, lol.
Posted by CyrenYoung, Fri Jan-22-21 11:24 AM

*skatin' the rings of saturn*

..and miles to go before i sleep...
2730465, Deleted message
Posted by CyrenYoung, Fri Jan-22-21 11:24 AM
No message
2730519, that's a good one
Posted by Rjcc, Sat Jan-23-21 08:37 AM

www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
2730518, kept the Chargers relevant post-Brees
Posted by Dr Claw, Sat Jan-23-21 06:31 AM
(losing Brees, who was constantly undermined as a starting QB was a big L for the Chargers IMO)

and was surprisingly good in the last year on the Colts. I think there's a chance for him.

Now the question for the Colts is.... what's next?
2730531, dont let the door hit ya
Posted by cgonz00cc, Sat Jan-23-21 11:22 AM