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Topic subjectThe doc is the epitome of the media wanting the downfall
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2729861, The doc is the epitome of the media wanting the downfall
Posted by bentagain, Thu Jan-14-21 07:59 AM
They build you up to tear you down...

Honestly, I didn’t know much about Tiger outside of golf

and as someone that doesn’t watch golf, I thought the doc did a great job of capturing his impact as a celebrity

I remember a lot of those shots and moments on the green

It definitely has a tabloid element

I could do without the ominous background music throughout the whole episode

We know where we’re going on this ride

Honestly though, I didn’t know much about his personal life prior to the downfall

The late night talk show appearances as a toddler didn’t hit me as possibly damaging
I didn’t know anything about his Dad
He always seemed so unaffected by it all...actually seeing him being mobbed like that was f’n frightening

I thought they did a great job of setting up part 2

It’s painful to watch, because we all know where we’re going...I’m not sure how you start off differently without it looking like a fluff piece

A bit of a tabloid feeling because it’s all testimony from peripheral figures in his life...

But I’m sure people close to him don’t want to participate in something involving Uchitel

It’s a horror story about American celebrity...how do you tell it differently?