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Topic subjectTiger (HBO Max, Hamachek/Heineman/Gibney, 2021)
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2729726, Tiger (HBO Max, Hamachek/Heineman/Gibney, 2021)
Posted by Nodima, Tue Jan-12-21 02:33 PM
Part 1 aired this past Sunday and Part 2 airs next Sunday, and I thought I'd be surprised there wasn't a thread about it but after watching, I really feel like this is missing a lot without Tiger himself involved. Granted it means we get some honest portrayals of all the people around him, but it also means, especially in Part 1, that we get a lot of people projecting their hopes and fears onto him while the archival footage doesn't always do a great job of revealing how much of Tiger in the public was a performance vs. his honest thoughts.

Kinda hard to tell how much of that feeling is a hangover from The Last Dance, I guess. Part 1 otherwise is brisk and as somebody who's not at all interested in golf I can say all that old footage of Tiger had the same effect as The Last Dance of transporting me back to that time when it seemed like phenoms were popping up everywhere: Garnett, Kobe, Griffey, Federer, Manning, Tiger. It's wild how much of this story I knew just from watching SportsCenter every night after homework.

...But that's another knock on the doc too, and I think without whatever Rachel Uchitel is gonna say in Part 2, the whole thing does just feel a little salacious and unnecessary - like an HBO Max thing, not an HBO thing. The most engaging part of Part 1 is arguably when his dad's old golfing buddy goes all performance art on he and Earl's philandering - great TV, but we all knew that story, right?

Anybody else hoping for a little bit more out of this or am I being a little too hard on a doc that was always gonna be difficult to mine new information out of?

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