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Topic subjectHave no clue this year.
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2729319, Have no clue this year.
Posted by Castro, Wed Jan-06-21 06:47 PM
Giannis. - not happening this year

Jokic - depends on Denver's record

Paul George - nope.

Tatum - Nope. the press loves him but how can give it to him and ignore that Jaylen Brown is the most important player for the C's in half of their wins?

Ky-Ky - I think he fell out of favor after the smudging. And he never plays enough games for this to be a thing.

Trae Young - sleeper, but not this season

AD - If he puts up bubble numbers, could be

Bron - he will coast in prep for repeating so no.

Curry - if the Dubs make it back to the playoffs, he has a shot.

Embiid - nope.

Harden - he's probably getting traded and that will kill his chances.

Dame - if the portland wins the pacific, I could see him getting it.