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Topic subject2021 NBA MVP Rankings.
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2729304, 2021 NBA MVP Rankings.
Posted by allStah, Wed Jan-06-21 12:42 PM
My top in order.

Jokic - dude is leading the league in assists. 61 pct fg/47pct from 3,
and averaging a tripe double. Bananas

Giannis - always putting up MVP numbers

Paul George - dude has been off the charts

Jason Tatum

Kyrie Irving

( Boston and Brooklyn are tough. Both teams have 2 MVP caliber players. Some
people may have KD and Brown over Kyrie and and Tatum. But I had to get my Frank Longo on.)

Outside the rankings: Prior to the last two games Curry wasn’t looking too good, AD and Lebron seem to be taking it easy right now, and Harden numbers have taken a hit. Keeping my eye on Embid.