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Topic subject2021 NBA MVP Rankings.
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2729304, 2021 NBA MVP Rankings.
Posted by allStah, Wed Jan-06-21 12:42 PM
My top in order.

Jokic - dude is leading the league in assists. 61 pct fg/47pct from 3,
and averaging a tripe double. Bananas

Giannis - always putting up MVP numbers

Paul George - dude has been off the charts

Jason Tatum

Kyrie Irving

( Boston and Brooklyn are tough. Both teams have 2 MVP caliber players. Some
people may have KD and Brown over Kyrie and and Tatum. But I had to get my Frank Longo on.)

Outside the rankings: Prior to the last two games Curry wasn’t looking too good, AD and Lebron seem to be taking it easy right now, and Harden numbers have taken a hit. Keeping my eye on Embid.
2729308, It's Jokic to lose
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Wed Jan-06-21 01:26 PM
They gotta get their record right but that mf is on one rn
2729311, ummm...who has the best record?
Posted by ThaTruth, Wed Jan-06-21 04:00 PM
2729314, The 76ers!
Posted by allStah, Wed Jan-06-21 04:48 PM
Now what?

Just post your top 5 and stop being a headache.
2729315, how is Embiid not top 5?
Posted by ThaTruth, Wed Jan-06-21 05:25 PM
2729316, LOL
Posted by Dstl1, Wed Jan-06-21 06:16 PM
2729318, RE: LOL
Posted by ThaTruth, Wed Jan-06-21 06:27 PM
2729321, let's do it on camera (c)
Posted by Dstl1, Wed Jan-06-21 07:04 PM
2729319, Have no clue this year.
Posted by Castro, Wed Jan-06-21 06:47 PM
Giannis. - not happening this year

Jokic - depends on Denver's record

Paul George - nope.

Tatum - Nope. the press loves him but how can give it to him and ignore that Jaylen Brown is the most important player for the C's in half of their wins?

Ky-Ky - I think he fell out of favor after the smudging. And he never plays enough games for this to be a thing.

Trae Young - sleeper, but not this season

AD - If he puts up bubble numbers, could be

Bron - he will coast in prep for repeating so no.

Curry - if the Dubs make it back to the playoffs, he has a shot.

Embiid - nope.

Harden - he's probably getting traded and that will kill his chances.

Dame - if the portland wins the pacific, I could see him getting it.
2729338, Seth Curry.
Posted by bentagain, Thu Jan-07-21 07:59 AM
2729342, Juancho Hernangomez
Posted by RagOnMe, Thu Jan-07-21 10:16 AM
2730239, Strange things have happened...
Posted by allStah, Tue Jan-19-21 11:10 AM


Sitting on the outside for now: PG, Luka, Bron, Harden, AD, Kawhi

2730240, steph #1 fight me.
Posted by Reeq, Tue Jan-19-21 11:29 AM
2731143, For me, right now.
Posted by allStah, Fri Jan-29-21 03:22 PM

2732093, just reminding yall about wardell.
Posted by Reeq, Thu Feb-11-21 07:48 AM