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Topic subjectNFL MVP?
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2729136, NFL MVP?
Posted by ThaTruth, Wed Dec-31-69 07:00 PM
I feel like the media has already crowned Rodgers but I think Henry definitely deserves a look the way he dominated teams all season

Poll question: NFL MVP?

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2729142, I would vote Mahomes over both Rodgers and Henry
Posted by calij81, Mon Jan-04-21 09:24 AM
Obviously you take any of those three players off their team and none of them make the playoffs.

Rodgers and Mahomes both guided their teams to the #1 seed in their conferences but I think the AFC is the deeper and tougher division so I’m giving it to Mahomes.
2729143, 48td/ 5 interceptions
Posted by allStah, Mon Jan-04-21 09:36 AM
That ratio is ridiculous. And the man has the best QB/ passer rating this year; which
Is third best in history. And he already has the best in history.

Hands down, MVP, no contest.

Aaron Rodgers.

And Green Bay shut Derrick Henry down.

2729145, RE: 41td/ 5 interceptions
Posted by ThaTruth, Mon Jan-04-21 09:48 AM

>And Green Bay shut Derrick Henry down.

how many times did Rodgers tackle him?
2729148, RE: 48td/ 5 interceptions
Posted by allStah, Mon Jan-04-21 10:01 AM
Aaron Rodgers smoked his squad, and Henry go shut down by rodger’s Squad. That’s a head to head stat battle and Aaron won.

Hands down, Aaron Rodger. No player was as good him this year.