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Topic subjectLavine has to go.
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2729996, Lavine has to go.
Posted by allStah, Fri Jan-15-21 10:45 PM
Period. We were up by 20 on a junior varsity NBA team whose goal
is to tank, and we let them comeback to get the win.

Lavine with 6 costly turnovers! He just had to have the ball in his
hand toward the end of the game. He can score, but his selfishness and
his constant breaking of the offense is killing this team.

And Shai torched his ass down the stretch.

We should have offered him for Levert...but we let Indiana snag him.

I’m so freaking heated, bro. No excuse for this L.

Bulls were up by 8 with 50 seconds left....and blew it. How sway?