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Topic subjectOne would say these are tough losses.
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2729565, One would say these are tough losses.
Posted by allStah, Sun Jan-10-21 08:02 PM
But offense is not the issue. We have the offense, clearly.
However, the defense is non-existent. We can’t stop anyone.

It’s like I stated in the past opening this thread. Where is the defense going to come from, especially along the perimeter? Our guards and forwards can’t stop anything.

And Lavine still doing too much hot dogging and taking ill advised shots at times. He gets the numbers, but we still get the L. This has been him every year. We have too many offensive weapons for Lavine to feel he needs to put the team on his back.

Coby had 13 dimes and really worked to get players involved, and Temple looked good as a starter on both sides of the ball.

Defense has to get better. That should be the number 1 priority right now.