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Topic subjectI'm not concerned.
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2728753, I'm not concerned.
Posted by LeroyBumpkin, Tue Dec-29-20 11:49 AM
They definitely played better after two horrible losses.
It's only the 3rd game. Players are playing out of position in a new system.

But more than that, I don't care what the Bulls do this season.
It's almost a throw away season honestly.
Most of this "core" is going to be gone next summer.
We're going to have lottery pick(s).
Rebuid #3...#4...what is it now?
I'm actually more excited about that than this year.

AK didn't extend Lauri, so you know what the organization thinks of him.
LaVine, while young, wouldn't fit with any lottery picks.
I say keep White, Carter Jr and Pat Williams...draft a PG (Cade?) and
see if you can get another wing and have Donovan work with them.

That's kinda where I'm at.


I will say the veteran experience of Temple and Porter
is why that 2nd unit plays so well together.
Donovan found something that works there and it's a big
reason the Bulls played better against the Warriors.
We're gonna get killed by any playoff teams, but we'll
be competitive against the rest.