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Topic subjectIt was definitely a better performance by the bulls.
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2727536, It was definitely a better performance by the bulls.
Posted by allStah, Sun Dec-13-20 11:09 PM
The penetration and facilitating were a lot better. Coby getting into the paint and setting up teammates with his penetration was nice to see, and his scoring was on point as well.

Zach ,being the scorer that he is , didn’t have any issues getting baskets. However, there were possessions where he would break away from the offensive flow, and put up a bad shot.

Patrick Williams is already making his presence known. Plays defense and can knock down the three. And the bulls are better defensively when he is on the court. Donovan’s biggest decision is going to be who to start at SF, Otto or Patrick? Otto is more offensive, and started the game being very productive on offense, but he is not good on defense, and the bulls were down big at one point with him on the floor.

I’m still not seeing a difference with Lauri and Wendell. That front court is our weakest link. Lauri is still slow, Wendell is just a hustle player who has the green light to shoot threes now . Why? I don’t know. He was 1/4. He should not be allowed to take more than 2-3 threes a game.

The offense came from mostly Lavine, White, Otto, and Williams.

Pros: offense had a flow to it, scoring and passing was better, perimeter defense was better, and players showcased some chemistry. Billy Donovan is smooth, calm and collective.

Cons: Front Court is still soft , defensively and offensively. Perimeter defense was better, but the speed of Wall was still killing our backcourt.