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Topic subjectChicago Bulls 2020-21 Season: Big paws on a puppy.
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2727407, Chicago Bulls 2020-21 Season: Big paws on a puppy.
Posted by allStah, Fri Dec-11-20 11:56 AM
Unleash the Coby. I’m expecting this kid to give zero focks, and just ball out, but I mean in a fundamental way. I’m expecting better defense, and him being able to make the right play, while still dropping buckets.

The backcourt should be explosive again this year, so all eyes will be on the front court. What will Carter do? What will Lauri do? Double-doubles should be the focus.


Zack: 20 + points a game
White: 17 + points a game
Otto: 12-15 points a game
Lauri: at least 15/10
Carter: 10-14 / 8-10 boards

Bench: 40 points