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Topic subjectYou’re nuts.
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2725723, You’re nuts.
Posted by allStah, Thu Nov-19-20 10:12 AM
All he did was throw a Hail Mary at BC?

- Inducted into the college football hall of fame
- won Hesiman trophy
- inducted into the CFL hall of fame

Flutie is considered the greatest CFL player of all time. He was just ahead of his time where the nfl wanted tall qbs, but he still left a memorable mark on the NFL. He was paid a lot of money to play in the USFL, so he skipped the NFL at the time. The USFL folded, and then he went to the NFL. However, that was short lived because NFL players went on strike, and after that season he bolted to the CFL .....went back to the NFL later.

- when he left the CFL and came to the NFL he won Comeback Player of the Year
- made the NFL pro bowl, and is currently the shortest QB to ever make the pro bowl
- several NFL player of the week awards for his 4th quarter comeback heroics.

Those basketball ball jump passes, he was doing way before Mahomes and Murray.....Im just saying Flutie had similar abilities and was way ahead of his time, and wasn’t given the same opportunity or system because it was a different era. But he proved the naysayers wrong who said a player his size couldn’t have success in the NFL as a QB....He was the first. In this era, Flute would be on his way to the hall of fame.

He proved the entire NFL wrong.