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2725436, Before the 80s
Posted by allStah, Mon Nov-16-20 06:26 PM
Mafioso had their hands all over a lot of sports (same with politics), having boxing matches rigged, point shaving in basketball, etc. And there were tons of athletes who had gambling debts( yeah Pete Rose and Jordan)....As glorious as sports were back then , there were also dark times.

I bring that up because of what Nick Chubb did, and with fantasy sports and sports gambling being a huge billion dollar industry, someone is going to get seriously hurt one day.

Cleveland was up by 3 points, 10-7, with 1 minute to go. Chubb was on his way to a break away TD, no defender is near him. Now the spread was -3.5, meaning that Cleveland wins the spread if they score 4 or more points. That would have given Cleveland bettors the win. Chubb intentionally steps out of the bounds at the one yard line after running hard down the sidelines, and doesn’t score the TD. That action gave Houston bettors the win.

Now the problem with what Chubb did is that the score would have put the Browns up 17-7. With a minute to go, it would have been almost impossible for Houston to come back. So not scoring and taken the knee didn’t really make sense from a math point, similar to what Gurley was trying to do.

Regular fans are not going to understand this. But if you have people laying millions of dollars on a team and for it to be concluded in a suspicious way, where it looks rigged, someone is going to get seriously hurt one day.

Soccer players have been killed and families kidnapped for allowing goals and losing games, and those situations were simply based on emotional fans..... But from a betting stand point with millions on the line?

I have never seen this in my life. That shit could drive someone crazy: