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Topic subjectRE: Also, fock the Redskins and Rivera
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2725097, RE: Also, fock the Redskins and Rivera
Posted by jimaveli, Tue Nov-10-20 02:43 PM
>You benched Haskins after a couple of games, because you said
>you wanted immediate success. Now Kyle Allen is down and out
>for the season, and instead of letting Haskins grow and get
>some time, you go with Alex Smith.... who is out there with a
>rod in his leg and a special brace after having 17 surgeries.
>You’re going let this dude get crushed as a QB instead of
>playing Haskins?
>Giants is letting weak Danny dimes developed. Philly has been
>weak as hell with Wentz and Dallas QBs are trash....
>All to prove that since you didn’t draft him, you don’t
>want him.

I, for one, am shocked that WFT would mishandle a QB situation. SHOCKED.