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Topic subjectYou’ve been watching sports all this time?
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2725080, You’ve been watching sports all this time?
Posted by allStah, Tue Nov-10-20 11:03 AM
And you can’t tell when a team is laying down? You can’t tell
when a team is intentionally folding.

He was clearly told to throw on first down up 7 in the 4th quarter, and to basically throw in the second half when there was no need to. The guy played outstanding in the first half. The Pats couldn’t do anything. Defensively and offensively, the Jets had their number.

In the second half, it was clear as day they stopped playing to tank. Not once did the jets run the ball in the second half. The defensive corners all backed off.

From the Chicago Black Sox throwing games, to college players shaving points, to Michael Jordan( when he was young) being intentionally benched so the bulls could get a high draft pick, to athletes taking PEDs, to the the Germans rigging the Olympics, to the patriots, Red Sox and Astros cheating, to boxers taking dives......you still don’t know how sports work?

A NBA referee told you how things work...A NFL entertainment lawyer came out and spoke about it and he turned up dead.

These are billion dollar organizations, with billions of dollars on the line. And you don’t think that some games are rigged or scripted? Name me one industry that isn’t? From Walk Street to Retail, to entertainment to sports.

Come now, dog. You gotta be brighter than this. I know you have to.
That’s the funny thing, you think professional sports is fair, when history has proven that it isn’t.