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Topic subjectFlacco looks around in the pocket
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2725074, Flacco looks around in the pocket
Posted by allStah, Mon Nov-09-20 11:36 PM
And waits for the sack. Shit was comical.

Team up by 7 points in the 4th quarter, and the jets throw on all downs.
Intentionally not trying to run out clock.

On their last possession, Flacco ,on one of the plays, could have easily
thrown it to the running back for the first down.

Jets, on defense , play soft and allow catch after catch on that final drive.

On the Pats FG, Jets had 12 men lined up! They were just all loaded up on the line, not one person on the side line saying anything. Why? Because it’s rigged ...they are tanking.

That look on Flacco’s face told it all. Dude isn’t cool with any of it. He was told to fold.

Jets were killing the Pats in the first half on both sides of the ball....2nd half hit...tankkkkk