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2754321, Unbelievable…nm
Posted by guru0509, Tue Jan-04-22 01:09 PM
>-He leads the NBA in 30-point games this year, despite
>missing 12 contests.
>-He’s averaging his most PPG (28.0) since his first stint
>with the Cleveland Cavaliers.
>-In fact, LeBron is averaging the most points for a 19-year
>veteran, by far.
>-He’s the only player over the age of 35 to have five
>straight 30+ point games.
>-He's now shooting better than KD from 3-point range nearly
>halfway through the season (at nearly 38%!) on ~8 attempts per
>game - which is bananas. Remember when they said he couldn't
>shoot? Yikes.
>-In his game against Portland the other night - LeBron became
>the only player in NBA history to have 43 points and 14
>rebounds in under 30 minutes while having zero turnovers. And
>he did this in year 19.
>Literally every time he steps on the court he's creating