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Topic subjectLeBron is setting an unprecedented elite pace in year 19
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2754316, LeBron is setting an unprecedented elite pace in year 19
Posted by Vex_id, Tue Jan-04-22 12:08 PM
-He leads the NBA in 30-point games this year, despite missing 12 contests.

-He’s averaging his most PPG (28.0) since his first stint with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

-In fact, LeBron is averaging the most points for a 19-year veteran, by far.

-He’s the only player over the age of 35 to have five straight 30+ point games.

-He's now shooting better than KD from 3-point range nearly halfway through the season (at nearly 38%!) on ~8 attempts per game - which is bananas. Remember when they said he couldn't shoot? Yikes.

-In his game against Portland the other night - LeBron became the only player in NBA history to have 43 points and 14 rebounds in under 30 minutes while having zero turnovers. And he did this in year 19.

Literally every time he steps on the court he's creating history.