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Topic subjectRE: NBA superstars at age 35 - a comparative look:
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2721791, RE: NBA superstars at age 35 - a comparative look:
Posted by auragin_boi, Wed Sep-30-20 09:50 AM
>Right - but he retired at the conclusion of the 1998 season -
>when he was 35 years old.
>LeBron is actually older right now than Jordan was when he won
>his last title in '98

Because LeBron's 35th came a few months before Jordan's in the same season of their careers and the 4 month delay of Covid.

Technically, if LeBron retired after this ring, it would be similar in timing as Jordan's retirement after his 35th bday.

I was saying you looked at this like Mike was done BY 35 and he wasn't. He was still playing at 35 like LeBron is. Both turned 35 during the season.

I'll fix it for you. You either want...

A) Michael Jordan: Won his 6th title in 8yrs, 6th finals MVP and won his 5th and final MVP, while also winning the ASG MVP.
LeBron James: headed to 9th NBA Finals in 10 years - finishes 2nd in MVP voting.


B) A comparison of players after age 35, which would require waiting until next season.